Pantry Reorganization

I love looking at kitchens.  When we first looked at our house – the kitchen was a major selling point, and in our case, the pantry didn’t follow too far behind.

Once we moved in, we bought these huge, bulky shelves that over time just became junky and awful and terrible and we hated them.  We shopped around, comparing prices, and ended up selecting Home Depot’s ShelfTrack system. We really liked that the shelves were adjustable, making it easy to create shelves that were perfect for cereal boxes, and others that were perfect for canned goods.

Before we begin, I need you to pinkie promise swear this will be a judgement free zone as  this pantry was straight embarrassing…

edit 1

Gross. It was to the point where we couldn’t even walk in there.  Pretty pointless.

First, we cleaned everything out of the pantry.  We could have fed a small country with all of the food in there – it was ridiculous. (*Disclaimer: I’m not the hoarder of our house, but I won’t disclose who is…)

messy kitchen
messy kitchen 2

At this point, I was already dreading having to put it all back.  I despise packing/unpacking/anythingthatslightlyresemblespacking – and this was just way too similar.

Next, I had my studly handyman (who happens to have a problem hoarding…) start putting the track uprights on the wall.  We used two uprights along each wall, spacing them so that the shelves would be sturdy.  Brackets hook right onto the uprights, and the shelves sit on those brackets. We selected solid shelves versus the wire shelves, so smaller items didn’t fall through or sit unevenly.

At the end of the day, we ended up with this:
edit 5

I LOVED it.  It was so clean looking, and used this space much better than before.  I overcame my pure hatred of packing-ish (for an hour or so), and started loading the food.  We tried to have a method to our madness when putting food away.  We have shelf for baking supplies, a shelf for breakfast type foods, etc.  It definitely makes things easier to find. Our final product looked like this:
edit 6

Not a bad improvement! We left some space on the bottom for larger appliances/crock pots/etc.

The overall project totaled about $150, which we felt was pretty reasonable for the HUGE improvement to this space.




I’ve been talking about starting a blog that will help me to create, organize, discover and learn, for quite some time. Since I currently talk about the contestants on Big Brother like they are my friends in real life, I figure it’s time to get off my butt and start some useful projects.

I’ll share a little bit of everything:
– DIY projects (simple and more involved)
– Recipes
– Product reviews
– Travel Information/reviews (restaurants, hotels, cruises, etc.)
– Life

I’ve read that in order to have a “successful” blog, you should choose a “niche” and run with it.  Apparently, I have no desire to be successful (in the blog world, anyhow), and I’m going to go against this advice and do my own thing.  Sounds about right to me.

I hope you’ll check in on my corner of the world every now and then, and I look forward to sharing pieces of it with you.