The best strawberry lemonade…ever!

A few years back, my husband took me to Boston (his mothership) for the first time – and I LOVED it.  It is a beautiful city with lots of culture, and we want to go back and spend as much time there as possible.  We toured Fenway Park, Harvard, Thaniel Hall, Gillette Stadium, Samuel Adams brewery (and saw Bob Cannon, the bearded guy on all of the Sam Adams commercials – he really works there!) and so much more.

See, Bob Cannon.
edit 6

During our tour of Massachusetts, we found a chain restaurants there called 99.  If you’re from the area, I’m sure you familiar.  If not, it’s a Chilis/Ale House/TGIFridays-ish restaurant.  The food was good, but we absolutely fell in love with their strawberry lemonade.  We were obsessed.  We scouted out a 99 restaurant wherever we went, and would stop in and get a strawberry lemonade to go. On what we knew would be our last visit, we asked our server for their strawberry lemonade recipe – and she gave it to us (cue angels singing.)

We tried the recipe when we got home, and it was pretty darn close to the real thing. Even better – it’s SO easy.  We have made it quite frequently since, and I wanted to pass along the goodness for all.

edit 1
1 packet (makes 2 quarts) Pink Lemonade (We use crystal light)
1 cup strawberry daiquiri mix
Ready for this super complicated recipe?

Mix the pink lemonade according to the package directions
edit 2

Add one cup of strawberry daiquiri mix, and mix well
edit 3

And…that’s it.  Trust me, it’s delicious. We have used fresh crushed strawberries as a additive before, and that was equally as yummy.

Warning: you may become addicted to this.  You’re welcome.


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